Arbitrage des litiges de noms de domaine

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Une nouvelle illustration de la jurisprudence WIPO en matière de litiges de noms de domaine : décision WIPO du 27 février 2006 (Speedo Holdings B.V. v. LAKS Cartegena Handels GmbH, Case No. D2005-1325).

Le contentieux concernait cette fois les noms de domaines :,,,,, et déposés par une société Autrichienne et revendiqués par le fabriquant d'équipements de sports Speedo.

Voici quelques extraits de la décision :

" The Complainant has presented evidence of valid trademark registrations for SPEEDO in various countries, as well as evidence of International Trademarks. Some of the contested domain names are not only confusingly similar, but identical to some of the Complainant’s Trademarks. Any contrary argumentation based on the addition of common words, such as "time", "sport", "data", "fun", "game", "play" and "sporting" to the word Speedo is rejected, since the contested domain names wholly incorporate the trademark SPEEDO which is registered and owned by the Complainant, a fact which is by itself sufficient to establish the criterion of similarity for the purposes of the Policy.

(...) The Respondent has not provided any proof of the alleged agreement between the Complainant and the Respondent to use the domain names. On the contrary, the Complainant has provided screenshots of the websites associated with the disputed domain names showing that the websites were directed to the websites of the competitors of the Complainant. Consequently, the Panel decides that the Respondent did not use the domain name in connection with a bona fide offering of goods or services prior to the dispute."


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