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Ou comment rappeler que l'enregistrement des noms de domaines n'est pas un jeu !

Voici un extrait de la sentence WIPO rendue au profit d'un célèbre casino de Las Vegas dont les activités ont fait l'objet de dépôts de marques “gained wide recognition”, “become well-known” et  “firmly associated” au plaignant.

As to the first issue, the Complainant provided evidence that it owns numerous U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and overseas registrations for its various CAESARS trademarks, which have been and continue to be used to designate and promote the Complainant’s goods and services offered at the CAESARS casinos and Hotels. Ten of the U.S. federal registrations and ten of the country registrations are for the mark CAESARS PALACE. The Panel accordingly finds that Complainant has rights in the CAESARS PALACE trademark. Although not strictly necessary for the purposes of this decision, the Panel considers that the Complainant has established rights in its various other registered CAESARS trademarks. The Panel refers to similar findings of fact in other administrative decisions under the Policy, in particular Caesars World. Inc v. Universalinteractives WIPO D2001-0951 (finding that the Complainant’s CAESARS and CAESARS PALACE marks had “gained wide recognition”, had “become well-known”, and are “firmly associated with” the Complainant); Caesars World, Inc v. Licensee Techs/Darren Flynn WIPO D2001-0915 (finding that the Complainant had “clearly demonstrated …that it has rights in various CAESARS marks registered as trademarks over a period of several years and have been used over a long period of time in connection with the Complainant’s business, which includes casino gambling); Caesars World v. Mark Stephens WIPO D2001-0553 (noting, inter alia, the numerous U.S. federal registrations and overseas registrations for the CAESARS PALACE mark); and Caesars World, Inc. v. Contessa Marketing Services, Inc., WIPO D2003-0529 (in which the panel noted that the Complainant may also have common law rights in the CAESARS CASINO mark, following from the use of “Caesars Palace Casino” since 1966.

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